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History of the Project

The Environmental Risks and Breast Cancer (ERBC) project originated in an advanced seminar on the topic with a group of dynamic Vassar College undergraduates. We set out to explore the complex and often confusing scientific information that examined areas of risk not often discussed in physicians’ offices or in traditional cancer resources. We soon established partnerships with student programmers and animators, as well as professional designers and technical support from the college. The process of developing the original CD took over 2 years. The final product ran on both Macs and PCs and included full versions in both English and Spanish.

In developing and reviewing all aspects of the CD, from scientific content to artistic design and animation details, we worked with our early partners: the Center for Environmental Oncology at the University of Pittsburg Cancer Center, Breast Cancer Fund, Breast Cancer Options, Silent Spring Institute, and Breast Cancer Action. At all times, our goal was to present the most accurate scientific information in ways that were accessible to members of the public with varying backgrounds and comfort levels with scientific information. And we cared deeply that our project was attractive and accessible to all.

The ERBC CD was released in June 2006. In the year and a half following its release, over 45,000 requests for copies were honored from over 100 countries. The overwhelming response convinced us that this was a project that warranted regular updating and we realized that it was critical to move from a CD to a web-based platform. We are pleased to be offering the ERBC website, again in both English and Spanish, to the public with the hope of continuing to contribute to the ongoing discussions related to the connections between environmental factors and breast cancer.

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"...colorful, sophisticated graphics...easy to follow language for those of us who aren't epidemiologists."

- Vogue

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