About ERBC

ERBC people

  • Janet Gray - Project Director
  • Cristian Opazo - Technology Project Manager
  • Chris Silverman - Project and Web Designer / Developer and 2-D Animator (Introduction)
  • Josh de Leeuw (VC '08) - Project and Web Developer
  • Ginny Jones - Instructional Designer
  • Molly Nadelson (VC '05) - Content Specialist
  • Jessica Schifano (VC '05) - Content Specialist
  • Serra Schlanger (VC '05) - Content Specialist
  • Sara Bodach (VC '04) - Content Specialist
  • Sara Gale (VC '04) - Content Specialist
  • Carolina Fasola (VC '05) - Content Specialist
  • Michael Fischthal (VC '05) - 3-D Designer and Animator (Critical Periods)
  • Terumi Cox (VC '05) - 3-D Designer and Animator (Carcinogenesis and Estrogen Mechanism)
  • Tiffany Chow (VC '07) - 2-D Designer (Chemical Exposures) and 3-D Designer and Animator (Estrogen Receptor)
  • Michael Chico (VC '06) - 2-D Animator (Chemical Exposures)
  • Dede Hourican - Voiceover talent


  • Delia, Kiera and Nora Sheridan - Gabi and Maia Opazo - Tianna Anderson, Sarjit Kaur, Cheyenne Mathis, and Mamie Oshoniyi - Models, Critical Periods animation.
  • Greg Deichler - CD Production Assistant
  • Lee Dinnebeil - CD Production Assistant
  • Janet Allison - CD Production Assistant
  • Gail Garrison - Secretarial Support

With special thanks to

  • Dr. Devra Davis, Executive Director, Center for Environmental Oncology, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
  • Dr. Fred Moolten, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
  • Dr. Julia Brody, Executive Director, Silent Spring Institute
  • RuthAnn Rudel, Senior Scientist, Silent Spring
  • Jeanne Rizzo, R.N., Executive Director, Breast Cancer Fund
  • Nancy Evans, Senior Science Writer, Breast Cancer Fund
  • Barbara Brenner, Executive Director, Breast Cancer Action
  • Lisa Wanzor, Associate Director, Breast Cancer Action
  • Hope Nemiroff, Executive Director, Breast Cancer Options
  • Susan DeKrey, Vice President for College Relations, Vassar College
  • Catherine Baer, Vice President for Development, Vassar College
  • Bret Ingerman, Vice President for Computing and Information Services, Vassar College
  • College Relations Web Development Team, Vassar College

With funding from the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute/Center for Environmental Oncology, Undergraduate Research Summer Institute (URSI) and the Collins Environmental Research Funds of Vassar College, and private donations - and with support from the offices of the Dean of the Faculty, College Relations, and Computing and Information Services.