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Metals: Practical Suggestions

General Strategy

Metals are natural products of our earth. At very minute levels and through regular dietary intake, some of these metals are critical to our cells' abilities to function normally. But if we are exposed to metals in the air (from mining dust or cigarette smoke, for example) or in our water, these higher doses of heavy metals can cause serious health effects. Some of these metals have recently shown to mimic estrogens, perhaps explaining why they may be associated with increases in breast cancer risks.

Cadmium is a widely distributed metal used in manufacturing and present in a number of consumer products. It is used as a metal alloy, in paint, batteries (Ni-Cd), pigments, metal coatings, plastics, welding, and battery manufacture.

Aluminum is used in a wide range of products such as cooking utensils, containers, appliances, and building materials. It is also used in paints, fireworks, and in the production of glass, rubber, and ceramics. Aluminum is found in low concentrations in consumer products such as antacids, astringents, buffered aspirin, food additives, and antiperspirants.