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Pesticides: Practical Suggestions

General Strategy

Many products containing pesticides and herbicides are applied on our fields, in our homes and in our communities to help control pests and weeds. These chemicals can leach into our water supplies, or stay on surfaces on which we (including our children) live, play, and work, or remain on our foods, both fresh and processed.

  • If pest problems arise, use less toxic alternatives including boric acid, silica gels and diatomaceous earth, insect and rodent baits, pesticides made with essential oils, insecticidal soaps, or any of the other strategies listed below.
  • Use pesticide free flea-prevention regimens for your pets.
  • Learn to enjoy lawns with many types of "greens." Is the "perfect lawn" with one type of grass really important?
  • Pull out weeds by hand.
  • Kill weeds without toxic herbicides. Some methods include dousing with boiling water or spraying with soapy water, vinegar, or alcohol.
  • Purchase organic produce whenever possible.